a simple link building strategy

A Simple Link Building Strategy

Whether your website is new or has existed for quite some time, having a well-developed link building strategy is crucial to your success in search. Link building is a powerful method used in SEO because links are a signal to search engines that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. However, link building … Read more

Intro to SEO

An Introduction to SEO

The number of searches performed each year is estimated to be around two trillion. As the high demand for search continues, so does the demand for search rankings. Having your business appear prominently in search, where people are looking for the service, product, or resource your business provides is crucial to its survival. But, obtaining … Read more

content marketing what, why, when

Content Marketing: What, Why, When

Content Marketing is a foundational component of every digital marketing strategy. These days content includes more than blog posts. Companies have the opportunity to create a varied content calendar that includes blog articles, infographics, videos, special offers, and engaging emails. But is it worth the effort? Consider these statistics: There are many benefits to developing … Read more

Creating Connections vs. Getting Likes on Social Media

Creating Connections vs. Getting Likes on Social Media

Our entire world has changed. The internet has done so much more than just create a new way of doing business. It has changed the way we connect and interact. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have billions of users. Individuals and business professionals alike are looking for information. The internet has allowed us to connect … Read more

How to Generate SEO Leads

How to Generate SEO Leads

Since 2009, my SEO agency has been helping clients generate new leads for their websites. SEO lead generation has changed over the years and as the web gets more crowded, we must approach search differently. As a Search Engine Optimization consultant, I often meet with businesses looking to generate high-quality leads. Everyone wants to rank … Read more